Tailored to YOUR Program - Custom Curriculum

AccessPediatrics lets you shape its great content to conform to the needs of each class - and your preferred teaching methods - with Custom Curriculum. Custom Curriculum is a powerful online tool that allows program directors to effectively manage their resident training - from one convenient site. It provides a way to create and streamline the educational workflow - making the management of courses simpler, faster, and more efficient.

With Custom Curriculum, faculty can:

  • Create rotations online and schedule grand rounds, lectures or other offline activities
  • Assign reference content and videos from AccessPediatrics
  • Mandate board review, selecting the number of questions and the passing grade
  • Track, report, and download resident usage by individual or rotation
  • Link out to external web resources and primary references
Custom Curriculum is a tremendous resource for residents and students, as well. With Custom Curriculum, residents can:

  • Study procedures in detail using faculty-selected resources
  • Test themselves and track their performance and areas for improvement
AccessPediatrics' Custom Curriculum, a powerful online tool used to assign, manage, and track the progress of resident assignments.

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Especially for Medical Students
Clerkship Corner, a feature that organizes AccessPediatrics content according to topics covered in the pediatrics clerkship and includes content typically needed for a rotation in pediatrics, also integrates seamlessly with Custom Curriculum. No more searching across the site for the right material for your students. It's right there for you, currated by the Advisory Board and McGraw-Hill.

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